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The Australian Mist is the brainchild of Dr. Trude Streada of the Nintu Cattery in Victoria, Australia. Born out of a love for Burmese , Abyssinians and domestics, the mist has been developed over 30 years. It is now well established in Australia but is new in the UK and Europe. These cats are being bred by a few select breeders, and they are being bred for their health and temperament, there is nothing extreme about these pretty little cats. 

They come either spotted or marbled, the colours are brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, gold, or peach spotted or marbled with intricate swirls on a mist background.

They are easy to care for and don't require constant grooming. They also take well to show conditions as they adore the attention they receive.

© Ayudamist Australian Mist
The Australian Mist is developed from half Burmese, and a quarter each of domestic and Abyssinian. They have a large gene pool making them strong and healthy. The Burmese contributed to the dilution of the colours, the laid back nature, some of the patterning, and the general size and conformation. From the Abyssinian came the beautiful tickling to develop the pattern, and the lively intelligence. The domestic contributed to the best spots, the vigour and the genes that improve teeth, kidneys and mothering qualities. It also helped stabilize the litter sizes to the feline average of 4 to 5.

Most kittens are extremely active, everything being something to play with, but they do sober up with maturity. They are extremely sociable and loving, hanging around just that little bit longer just in case they miss something.

© Ayudamist Australian Mist
They are ideal companions for elderly or disabled, or home workers as they adore attention and companionship. They are also excellent with children as they are tolerant of handling and are very uninclined to bite or scratch and they are fine with other animals as they just do not believe that anyone or anything can do anything other than love and adore them.

They are lively, intelligent, playful, and inquisitive and full of life and mischief. They simply hate being left out of anything. If love, fuss and companionship is what you want the Mist is the perfect cat for you, Their affection knows no bounds, they really are special little cats. You only have to meet one to fall in love!

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