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The Balinese cat is basically a long-haired Siamese, originating from Siamese cats carrying a long-haired gene being bred together. The first Balinese cats were imported into the UK from America in the early 1970’s, a few years later The Balinese Cat Society was affiliated with the GCCF and is still running today. They make the ideal family cat for all the qualities of their personality. They’re very intelligent often learning to play fetch. They just love people and are good with children. Balinese are very vocal at times and will ‘chatter’ with their owners. Whilst content to be indoor cats they do love company, so if owners are out all day they are best kept with another cat. The elegant body has been retained from the Siamese cat, being sleek and muscular, with a long neck, and wedge-shaped face. Eyes are almond shaped and deep blue. Ears are large following the shape of the wedge and can have tufts of fur. Although they are called ‘Long-haired Siamese’, due to the absence of a woolly undercoat their silky fur lies flat on the body, requiring very little grooming. The tail however has longer fur and is beautifully plumed. When people see a Balinese for the first time they may mistake it for a Siamese until they notice the gorgeous trademark tail. The coat features the same coloured points as the Siamese; face, legs and tail are a darker colour than the body, and tends to darken with age.

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