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The sacred Cat of Burma. The Birman is a large and strikingly attractive colour pointed, semi longhaired cat with eyes that are always a deep blue. Birmans are quiet, gentle, fairly placid cats with great charm and dignity. Most Birmans are especially loving and affectionate, and get on well with other cats and dogs. They love human company and take an intelligent interest in everything their human families do. This standard of points describe a cat with a long, massive body, thick set medium length legs and short strong paws. A broad, rounded head with well spaced medium ears, and a medium length nose with a slight dip in the profile, but no ‘stop’. The chin is well developed, and the eyes nearly round, with a slightly flattened top.

The long silky body coat is pale, slightly shaded on the back and flanks in the point colour, and ideally forms a ruff around the neck.

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Solid pointed colours are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and red; plus tortie point, tabby point and tortie tabby points. 

The coat is easy to keep, only requiring a comb through once or twice a week. Knots tend to form behind the ears but otherwise there is no real tendency to matting or knots. A distinguishing feature of the breed is four white paws, known as ‘Gloves’ on the front paws ‘Gauntlets’ on the hind paws. These marking should conform to a precise size and shape in show cats.

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The Birman is also known as the ’sacred cat of Burma’ and the ‘birman legend‘ states that, a priest named Mun-Ha lived in contemplation of a Goddess with sapphire eyes, along with his cat Sinh ( white with yellow eyes). One evening Thai raiders murdered Mun-Ha in the presence of his goddess and Sinh. Immediately Sinh bounded onto the body of his master and faced the goddess. His feet whitened where they touched his master, his eyes changed to sapphire blue, and the hair along his spine changed to a golden hue. Sinh refused nourishment for 7 days and died. After a further seven days all the temple cats had sapphire eyes, golden coats, and snowy white feet.

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