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The British Longhair is an old breed, as is his counterpart the British Shorthair, but is relatively unknown by the general public. This is mainly due to the LH being a non-recognised breed within the main registering body in the UK - the GCCF, however it is recognised within other registering bodies.

It is known that the LH gene was introduced to the British Shorthair when Persians were used to increase the gene pool after both WW1 and WW2 when breeders were re-establishing the breed.

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However as we know the British are the pedigree version of Britain's street cats and these cats were the basis for the development of the British as a recognised pedigree breed in the late 1800s. Therefore the LH gene was probably in the gene pool from the beginning as we have all seen LH Moggies!

The British LH is the same in every way as the Shorthair variety and can be born in the same litter as shorthaired kittens and to two shorthaired parents.

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The only difference between the SH and the LH is the coat. The LHs are a semi-longhair cat and the coat should retain the density and texture of the SH coat and not be long, silky and flowing like the Persian.

The fight to have this stunning breed recognised within the GCCF is now underway and we hope in the not too distant future the British Longhair will take ITS rightful place alongside its SH brothers and sisters on the show bench in ITS native UK.

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