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British Shorthairs are also known under several abbreviations such as a British, Brits and generally accepted on paperwork as a BSH. The British Shorthair is one of the largest breeds of pedigree cat. Being very chunky and substantial, the male is much larger than the female. A large round face with full fat cheeks and a nose that is short and broad with a chin that is deep and strong. Ears are small and rounded and set so as to blend with the round contours of the head. Their eyes are large and round. The head is set on a short thick neck. The British has a body is what is described as cobby with a short level back. A deep chest with strong shoulders. The legs are short and strong with round paws.

The tail is thick and of medium length. British Shorthairs usually live into their early teens but it has been known for them to live much longer but generally 15 years is an average life span.

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The British Shorthair is an immensely popular show cat and with the huge combination of coat colour and pattern available it is one of the biggest breed sections at major cat shows. They are relatively easy to prepare for shows because of their short coat and their easy temperament means that most cats enjoy a trip to a show. Prizes are withheld for long or fluffy coats, an un-level bite, incorrect coat colour or pattern, incorrect eye colour, white patches on anything other than a white cat as well other faults as stated in the breed standard.

The British Shorthair is a large cat and will require approximately 70 Kcals per kg bodyweight per day of food. However many British Shorthairs are prone to obesity, particularly when they have been neutered and some therefore some form of restriction on their diet may be necessary.

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British Shorthairs usually have between three and five kittens in a litter. Generally British Shorthair queens make good mothers, being placid by nature, they are very content with their brood. The Brits make an excellent family pet being calm and good natured they get along with other pets really well. As a breed in general they adapt to apartment living and freedom of being outside it definitely not a necessity to ensure their happiness and well being.

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