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Back in 1930 Dr Joseph C Thompson, an American psychiatrist, living in San Francisco, acquired a dark brown female cat which he named Wong Mau. The true origin of this cat has never been confirmed but rumour would have it that he brought her from Rangoon in Burma, where he travelled often. There are several other rumours including one that she was a gift from animal trapper, and one that she was bought in a pet shop with the claim that she had been obtained in Burma by a sailor.

Wong Mau was mated to a seal point Siamese (as the doctor could not locate a similar brown male) and this Siamese male was called Tia Mau, and from the resulting litter a breeding programme began.

The first Burmese to arrive in the UK were imported by Sydney and Lillian France in 1947. The Burmese slowly became established and gained official recognition in 1952.

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Further imports from America helped to widen the gene pool. Once the Burmese became established in the UK its future development began to deviate from the American type and began to become more foreign or Oriental in type and conformation.

The Burmese cat is very sociable and needs the affection of its human family. Burmese are very active and full of mischief and are definitely not for 'the faint hearted.' Burmese are very intelligent and can easily learn to open doors and they are extremely 'chatty.' Burmese give their humans much love and make fabulous pets. Burmese are also popular on the show bench as they have short close coats which need little grooming and preparation and of course for their own unique beauty.

The Burmese cat comes in the following colours; Brown 27, Blue 27a, Chocolate 27b, Lilac 27c, Red 27d, Brown tortie 27e, Cream 27f, Blue tortie 27g, Chocolate tortie 27h, Lilac tortie 27j.

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The Burmese cat is of medium size and very elegant. Burmese are however, heavier than they appear due to their excellent muscle tone. Head. Is very much in proportion to the rest of the body, rounded brow, there is a distinct nose break and the tip is level with the chin. The frontal view of the face has the appearance of a short blunt wedge with wide cheek bones tapering to the muzzle. Ears. Set well apart and have a rounded dome between, broad at their base, with a rounded tip and slight forward tilt. Eyes. The eyes are wide set, and the top line slants towards the nose, whilst the bottom is rounded off. The eyes are large and can be any shade of yellow. Legs. Slender with oval or spoon shaped paws. Tail. This should reach the shoulders when brought round the body and it should be straight with no kinks and finish with a lovely paint brush tip(rounded off at the end).

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