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The Devon Rex - Curly Coated Gremlin of the Cat World!
The Devon Rex first appeared in Buckfastleigh, Devon, in 1960, the result of a spontaneous gene mutation. Beryl Cox took in a tortie and white cat who subsequently gave birth to a litter of kittens, amongst which was a curly coated male, whom she named Kirlee. No one can be quite sure of Kirlee's exact colour - he is described as mole grey, but may have been black smoke. After reading a newspaper article featuring some curly coated kittens, Beryl Cox got in touch with Brian Stirling Webb, who at that time was working with Cornish Rex. He carried out several test matings between Kirlee and various Cornish Rex, but all the resulting kittens were straight coated, proving that the Devon Rex gene was different to the Cornish Rex gene, and also recessive. It was also evident that Kirlee looked completely different to Kalibunker, the founding father of the Cornish Rex. Kirlee had a short wide head, with low set ears, still characteristic of the breed to this day, whereas Kalibunker had a longer, narrower head and a straight profile, quite different to Kirlee. The breed has been developed by careful outcrossing to several breeds, including Burmese, British Shorthairs and Domestic Shorthairs. However, all Devons can trace their lineage back to Kirlee.

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The Devon Rex is a medium sized cat, of foreign body type. Their heads should be a short, wide wedge, with large low set ears, a good nose stop and evident whisker break, set atop a long elegant neck, giving the pixie look, which is so typical of this breed. Their most defining quality is their curly coat, which should cover the cat well, no sparse patches, and should have soft deep waves. Guard hairs are undesirable. Kittens are often born with beautiful curly coats, only to lose them around the age of eight weeks. It is not unknown to take anything up to a year, or more, for the coat to return and fully develop. The rex coat generally requires no more care other than simple hand grooming. Adult males should weigh in the region of 8-10lb, females around 5-8lb.

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These are very extrovert cats who adore people, and the company of other cats. They are renowned for their love of food, and are very adept at helping themselves to a tasty morsel off their owner's plate. They also like to play in water, and sinks and baths are a favourite place for them. Devon Rex are the most wonderful clown-like companions, who refuse to be spectators, and who like nothing better than sitting on their owner's shoulders, taking an active part in everything.

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