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The Exotic breed is known as the Short haired Persian.
Or affectionately as the lazymans Persian.
Much admired by those that love the Persian breed without the grooming.
It shares the exact same appearance and standard of the Persian but without the long coat.
First developed in the 1950s in America.
Named by the Americans The Exotic in 1966 and shown under that name in 1967 They were first encountered when The American short haired breeders decided that they needed outcrosses for their breed but the look of the outcross varied so much from their original look that it was decided to give them a separate breed name and set of standards from the American shorthair.

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At first they were to be called the Stirling as silver was the first out cross and was initially to be the only colour.
Much was the popularity for the look that it was immediately decided to give them their own status and all colours were to be allowed. The name Exotic was agreed upon. To start with they did allow Burmese and the Russian Blue as outcrosses it is the Russian blue that gave the breed it's unique fur. Today the only permitted outcross is to the Persian. Similiar breeding programmes were in progress in the UK using the British shorthair. the Exotic Cat Club was formed in 1983.
Appearance..Cobby cat, stocky body.short legged.short tail.large round head. big round expressive eyes and small ears. a teddy bear cat with thick short plush coat. With an allover round appearance.

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Personality..Placid laid back.friendly.playful similiar to the Persian and still playful as an adult All colours are allowed and breeders are still working on new colours in the UK.

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