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The Havana Brown is an engineered breed in that the breed was developed by breeding black domestic cats carrying a brown recessive gene with a seal or chocolate point Siamese.
In the early part of the 20 century the ’self brown’ came under disfavour, over half a century later the desired breeding was successful in developing a brown cat which is the forerunner of our present breed. There is a recorded history of brown cats in "the cat book poems" dating back to between 1300-1767.

The Havana Brown is unique to gaze upon, and even more delightful to enjoy as a companion. Blessed with a pixish soft voice, and eyes of emerald green the Havana Brown usually exhibits the peculiar trait of using the paw to feel and touch to investigate things.
One of their endearing qualities is there typical greeting of elevating and stretching out one paw to touch there humane friend or offer a paw of friendship. These cats are affectionate, sociable, sweet and considerate by nature, even tempered, gentle and intelligent.

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Havana: 29
Self coloured cat, fine in bone, lithe and sinuous and of graceful proportions. The colour should be even throughout, the texture short, close lying and glossy. The head long and wedge shaped with a straight profile and a strong chin. The ears should be large and pricked and wide at the base – with good width between them.

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The eyes should be oriental in shape and a bright vivid green, while the tail should be long and tapering. Paw pads solid brown or solid pinkish brown.
These cats are easy to care for …grooming is simply once a week with a good rubber brush. Havana’s have good appetites and, provided they have a balanced diet with plenty of exercise, there should be no problem keeping them in peak condition.

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