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The Himalayan is a Persian cat with the same colourpoint markings as the Siamese cat.
Know in the UK as the Persian Colourpoint. Or officially the Colourpoint Longhair - and the Himalayan in the USA.
In the 1920s some reference was made to a Malayan Persian, but appears to have been abandoned in 1947, in favour of the name Masked Silver that is also now obsolete.
Overall Appearance and temperament is that of the rest of the Persian group.
Ultra and open type, with flat face, small ears, large round expressive eyes, big heads, cobby bodies. Short legs and good long coats - this varies from line to line due to the original background influence.

They are good natured and companiable. Make very good housecats and suit living in flats. Between 1924 through to the early 1930s both breeders in Sweden and the United States decided to try and produce this coat pattern by crossing the Siamese with the Persian. The first known Himalayan in the US was named 'Debutante.'

After World War 2 the breeders in the States continued to work, and improve on, the new breed and they gained recognition officially in 1957. Meanwhile in the UK, at approximately the same period in time, Brian Stirling Webb had a similar breeding programme underway, he had a lot of success and he gained official recognition in 1955.

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The cats were officially named Colourpoint Longhairs.
Not really an impressive enough name for such a wonderfully patterned cat with such lovely blue eyes.

Coat colours all points...nose, ears, legs and tail in seal, blue chocolate, lilac, red, cream, tortie and tabby points (also known as Lynx points). All in the permitted colours. Bodies white or cream dependent on the colour of the points. Eyes Deep Blue. Other colours will undoubtedly be introduced in the future.
Although their genetics lay back in the Siamese breed they are not vocal like the Siamese and are truly a 'Persian' in character and looks.

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