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The most important thing to know about a Japanese Bob Tail, JBT, is that they are busy, busy, busy cats and are consequently very good at cat agility!

The JBT breed is a very ancient natural breed and has been mentioned in ancient Japanese literature for 5 centuries, were it was considered a lucky and honoured cat. The Me-Ke (see photo- white, black and red) was particularly valued. The JBT is characterised by its pompom tail and far eastern looking head- characterised by eyes with a slight slant, a longish head and high cheek bones.


© Salatana Japanese Bobtails
The JBT is a medium sized cat, agile and athletic with angled back legs- making them look like they are ready to spring in to action! The tail is usually less than about 13cm and is twisted in an individual way- some of the bones may be fused so don’t try and straighten the tail.

The JBT comes in lots of colours (all except silver, ticked tabby and pointed) and also comes in both long hair and short hair varieties. The JBT is a healthy breed that was introduced to the USA in 1968, it is recognised at championship status in CFA, TICA and FiFE. He breed is new to the UK.

© Salatana Japanese Bobtails

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