Kitten Grooming, Bathing, Worming, Treatments For Fleas And General Care

Groom your kitten daily. It will help develop a bond between you and will help keep the skin and coat in good condition. Use an appropriate comb (available form most pet shops) and teach the kitten, from the beginning, that it is a positive experience.

It is not necessary to bath cats. However, some log haired breeds need particular grooming and you should seek advice from the breeder about any specific grooming routines.

If you do have to bath your kitten use a recommended kitten shampoo and avoid getting water in the kittens mouth. Cats and kittens do not have a coughing mechanism like us and water can find its way to the lungs. Cats also have sensitive skin so rinse thoroughly.

Worming and Fleas
Kittens can be treated for roundworms at 4-6 weeks of age. Then every 2-3 weeks until 4 months of age. Thereafter they can be treated for both roundworms and tapeworms every 3-6 months (If you have an outdoor cat that does a lot of mouse hunting it may need to be wormed much more often). Only ever use kitten (feline) treatments recommended by your vet and follow the dosing instructions implicitly. Giving your kitten treatments recommended for dogs, or household flea control, could be fatal!

It is always best to use a flea treatment for kittens that is recommended by your vet. The most common treatments are either spray or 'dab on.' Again follow usage instructions implicitly. If you know your kitten already has fleas you may need to treat your house for flea eggs as well as the kitten.
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