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Kurilia Bobtail: the cat with the POMPON TAIL!
Kurilian Bobtails probably come from Japanese Bobtail cats, who were taken by the japanese people to the Kurilian Islands. These 60 little islands are located between Russia and Japan and in winter the weather is extremely cold. The Islands were japanese untill 1875, when Russia obtained their control and became military bases. The most certain idea is that the japanese cats colonised the Islands and their appareance develloped in a different way compared to the one of their ancestors. So Kurilian Bobtails were born. Kurilians have strong bones and muscles. Russian scientists and soldiers were fascinated by these strange bobtail cats, so started to take some of them into the continent. In 1980 two russian breeders started the selection program of Kurilian Bobtail. Nowadays the "wild kurilians" still inhabits the Kurilian Islands.

© Mici di Lulu Kurilian Bobtails
The main characteristic is the short knotting tail, which does a pompon and can be from 3 to 8 cm long for show quality cats. The breeder quality kurilians can have a 8-12 cm long tail (According to the fife roules). This tail can be fixed or can be muved, and each kurilian has a different pompon shape: some cats have a spiralized tail, other have it just full of knots and angles.
The body structure of the kurilian is strong and heavy, even if they are medium size cats. The male usually weights around 6kg, while the female is around 4 kg. Their posteriour legs are longer than the anteriors: this cause a funny jumping walk, a bit like rabbits!
Kurilians can be shorthair or longhair. Their fur is not very oily, seeing the fact that they produce just a little sebium, so it doesn't need special attentions! The hair is very soft!
All the colours are admitted by the standard, unless the once coming from the himalayan gene (chocolate, lilac, seal, point....).

© Mici di Lulu Kurilian Bobtails
These cats have a face which shape reminds a trapezium. The eyes are round and all the colors are possible, even if the most frequent eye colours are green, yellow, orange. Bicolors can have blue eyes, but it is a rare case.
These cats also have a very strong health because there is a recently selection of the tipe and a low inbreeding percentage.


What is more interesting about kurilian bobtails is the character: they are sweet, intelligent, and follow their owners as dogs. They get well together with other cats and animals. Kittens are more active than adults and they look for humans to play. Mothers-kurilian protect their babies and make them learn how to behave inside the house! Kurilian are very loyal.

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