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Several historical sources show that the original cats of Siam ( now Thailand ) were not all color pointed,indeed cats of all colors were imported to the west from Thailand at the beginning of the twentieth century,yet in the 1920s an official decision made by the Siamese breed association has set the the color point coat pattern as the only pattern in the Siamese breed. During the 1970s breeders in the UK beganto explore the possibilities of multi colored with the Siamese build and personality. Later an American breeder joined the efforts and in the 1970s the new breed was recognized as the oriental.
At first, in the UK, the breed was known as the foreign type cat. The oriental is now the standard name today in most associations, the only exception is the white oriental which is still called the foreign white in the UK. 


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Breed classification: oriental
Names includes: foreign whites and havanas
Life span: 15 years
Average litter size: 6
General description: the standard for the oriental is exactly the same as the siamese whatever the coat colour or patten. The oriental are medium size but feel heaver than they look. The head is long and tapers from the ears in straight lines to a fine muzzle forming a triangular profile. The head is wedge shaped with a straight nose and a strong chin.the tip of the nose must line up with the same vertical plane. The head is set on a long slender neck. The ears are large and pricked and set to follow the lines of the wedge. The eyes are oriental in shape and slant towards the nose. The legs are long and slim.tha paws are small and oval. The tail is long and tapering.

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Feeding: The oriental is an active cat and will require 80 kcals per kgs bodyweight per day. These cat rarely over eat and will soon let you no how much they want.
Ailments: Orientals have no specific health problems and can live well into there teens. It is advisable to have annual check ups from about 8 to check liver and kidney function and to have there teeth cleaned.
Other: energy (high), compatibility with other cats (medium), compatibility with other animals (medium), suitability for children (high).
Character and temperament: The oriental is an intelligent and curious cat that makes its presence known. They love to talk to there human companions and expect a reply. They want to be part of the family and enjoy playing games. Orientals need to be kept amused with toys and do not like to be left alone Grooming: The short glossy coat of the oriental does not require a lot of grooming but they do enjoy the attention that grooming brings Vaccinations kittens should be vaccinated and have a booster once a year.

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