What Is The Difference Between A Pedigree Cat And A Non Pedigree Cat? Is It A Moggie Or Cross Breed? What Is A Purebred Cat, Hybrid Or Permitted Outcross.

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Note: A 'Cat Fancy' is another name for a 'Cat Governing Body' - Where cats and kittens are 'Registered.' Each Governing Body will have their own directives for the issuing of pedigree paperwork to new owners. However, Purebred and Pedigree breeders should be able to show ownership of the cat/kitten for sale.

Purebred Pedigree and Pedigree (Classified: Pedigree): You can find out more about the pedigree breeds listed on site Here. PureBred Pedigree cats are bred with no other breeds allowed as outcrosses. For example Persian x Persian = PureBred Pedigree. Persian x Maine Coon = Non Pedigree. Breeders of PureBred Pedigree cats must adhere to the correct welfare policies, breed types and coat colours stipulated by the regulating cat governing body the breeder is a member of. Some governing bodies allow the introduction of different 'coat patterns' within the same 'breed type.'

A 'Pedigree' cat is not necessarily 'PureBred' because there may have been 'Permitted Outcrosses' allowed in the matings. Nevertheless, they are still 'Pedigree Cats' and breeders must also adhere to any guidelines stipulated by their regulating cat governing body.

Permitted Outcrosses (Classified: Pedigree): Where a 'Pedigree Cat' has been bred with an 'Allowed Permitted Outcross' (Using a different breed) or 'allowed' differing coat colour/pattern and the resulting progeny is accepted as pedigree by the cat governing body. However, this is not the same as a 'Cross Breed'. A 'Cross Breed' is neither PureBred nor Pedigree.

Example 1 (Permitted Outcross): Selkirk Rex are a new curly coated breed and are a 'Pedigree' cat. However permitted outcrosses are allowed from the Persian Group and the British Shorthaired Group and the progeny from the matings are registered as a Pedigree Selkirk Rex if Curly and a Pedigree Selkirk Rex Variant if straight haired.

Example 2 (Permitted Outcross): LaPerms are another new breed witha curly coat (and are a 'Pedigree' cat). However, their permitted outcrosses are only to a domestic cat. The domestic cat is the only 'allowed' outcross for this breed.

The above examples have been used to show how governing bodies will permit only certain, and very restrictive, outcrosses. Check with the particular governing body, or breed club, for more information.

Cross Breeds (Classified: Cross Breed/Moggie): Where two breeds have been mated that are not a 'Permitted Outcross' i.e. Bengal x Ragdoll. They will not be recognised by a governing body and cannot be registered as PureBred nor Pedigree.

Cat Registered On A Non Active List At A Governing Body (Classified: Cross Breed/Moggie). Where a cat is registered as 'Non Active' at a governing body. They should not be bred from and any kittens born from a cat on a 'Non Active Register' cannot be registered with any governing body.

Pedigree Cat That Is Not Registered And Crossed With A Moggie/Domestic Or Other Unregistered Cat. (Classified: Cross Breed/Moggie). The progeny of two pedigree cats, that have not been registered at a governing body, cannot be classified as 'Pedigree.' And an unregistered Pedigree Cat bred to a Moggie cannot be classified as a 'Pedigree Cross Breed.'

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