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The Pixie Bob is bred to resemble The North American Bobcat. With its wild face, bobtail, spotted coat, polydactyl feet and huge boning it is an impressive sight. The Pixie Bob's life began in 1985 by the founder of the breed Carol Ann Brewer. It is alleged, that a natural mating took place between a Coastal Red Bobcat and a polydactyl barn cat. In the resulting litter a polydactyl male caught the eye of Mrs Brewer. Intrigued by this wonderful kitten's appearance and its unusual behaviour she purchased the male kitten. With the idea of a breeding program she named this cat "Legend Cat." Within a year another cat was purchased with the same kind of heritage and a third cat from an unknown heritage but, the same build, tail and traits.

A female kitten from a mating of two of the original cats was called Pixie. The foundations cat of the breed, hence the name Pixie Bob.

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The Pixie Bob is registered with TICA as a domestic breed having been DNA tested for wild markings and found to be carrying none. Therefore the Pixie Bob was registered with TICA in 1995 as "A new breed and colour" and in 1997 for Championship status. The Pixie Bob is an exquisite breed, adding to the breeds wild façade is the Lynx ear tips that some Pixie Bobs have, that wonderful inverted pear shape head, straight eye set with prominent brows created by heavy boning and bushy hair above the eye giving that hooded appearance.

A large muzzle with a strong fleshy chin that gives the Pixie Bob a pout to die for and that larger leathery nose. The head and face are so important as this is responsible for 50 points out of a 100 in the show ring.

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The Pixie Bob is the only cat breed that has the poly foot accepted as part of its standard and is accepted in championship. Poly (polydactyl), meaning more toes. The breed itself has Shorthair and longhair coats. Brown Tabby is the only acceptable colour for the Pixie Bob. Coats can be Ticked Tabby like the coat of a wild rabbit, Classic having a circular coat, Mackerel which is stripes and broken mackerel which is some stripes breaking into spots. They have Straight feet (normal toes) or poly feet (up to seven toes) the tails vary from a rumpy (1 inch) to a bobtail (2-6 inches) and a long tail. For the show ring the tail must be not longer than the hock. It must be flexible and kinks and knots are acceptable. Obviously you don't know what length tail they will have until they are born. Breeders do use long tail Pixie Bobs in their breeding programs, as if you have a Pixie Bob with an outstanding wild face that is preferred above the tail length.

When Pixie Bobs walk they sway. They have big shoulders and prominent shoulder blades producing a rolling gait. Along the back there is a dip behind the shoulders and this inclines slightly towards the hip. The hips are slightly higher than the shoulder. The hip and shoulder angles are straighter than that of other breeds. Their legs being longer at the back. They are a muscular cat with heavy boning. Males can be between 12-20 lbs and females between 8-15 lbs. Some male Pixie Bobs have grown up to 25 lbs.

The Pixie Bobs temperament is outstanding. They are very loving, are playful with out being hyperactive and are very sharp, intelligent and quick to learn. They are amazing companions and seem to understand your every mood. They do get on with other animals cats and dogs alike. Are very gentle with children and seem to treat them like another sibling. They do have some characteristics of dogs and will follow you around chatting….they give little clicks to let you know they are there and where are you going. They greet you with such a warm welcome and wagging of the tail when you arrive home and bond very strongly with family members. They do like to go for walks on the lead.

The history of the Pixie Bob is full of mystery, legends and romance. There is something very magical about them. Be it the wild look, the sway, the size or everything all rolled into one. They are unique and now in the UK causing quite a stir in households up and down the country and in the TICA show rings.

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