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If you really cannot decide between taking a cat or dog as a life companion, maybe there is solution for you? Russian Blue cats have brilliant intelligence, are a real 'room panther', learn easily to open any doors, fetch a small ball, walk on the leash, come to a name call and much, much more…It is considered that the origin of the Russian Blue cat is from Russia, a place called Archangels'k on the Baltic Sea. They were mice hunters on ships travelling to England, Holland and other European destinations, and some of cats transferred to Europe from those ships. In England the first selective breeding was done, some breed improvements, some characteristics enchanced and first breed standard written. In England this breed is first time showed on Cat exhibition as separate breed.

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At first sight, you see a greyish-silvery, medium size feline. If you look longer, you will notice things which discern this breed from the other ones. The first things you see are beautiful emerald coloured eyes of almond shape. A straight nose, wide in base and prominent whiskars pads give smiling expression to Russian Blue cat. A short, very dense, double silky hair, which is of grey colour in base, but have silver tips. In daylight, this silver (actualy transparent) hair tips give impression of blue color. Ears are small and thin, tail is long, and the cat looks generally elegant. If you can't find your Russian Blue cat in your house, just look up - you'll probably see it on the highest possible piece of furniture, like cupboard, high refrigerator etc. This cat is a sophisticated lady (or gentleman), plays with smart toys and is shy with strangers. It is able to walk over crystall glasses without causing any damage.
It chooses one person in the household to have special relatioship with. If you are the ONE, you shoud be really flattered. Moments of sweet tenderness, loyalty and bonding are yours.

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Care of Russian Blue cat requires 10 minutes daily. You have to clean the litter box (oh how much they like it all clean and neat!), give fresh water, and food. Bathing is not really needed, and brushing with rubber glove once in a while is welcomed - but not required. You should cut the nail tips once in a month, clean ears once every six months (but not necessary, because cat uses majority of its time for grooming itself). What they really, really need is attention, smart chasing games, and feeling that they are loved. There are no special sensitive points or illnesses that this breed suffers from. Your visits to the vet will be possibly once a year, for regular vaccination.

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