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Savannah Cats are a new breed of cat and considered to be the largest of the domestic cat. As far as we know, the first Savannah kitten was born in mid 1980s bred by Judee Frank. With the assistance of Joyce Sroufe and her persistence the breed has now advanced to a recognisable stage in The International Cat Association, (TICA) and ANB status from 7th May 2008.

The Savannah Cat breed comes from mating an African Serval cat to a domestic cat which produces a relatively large, elegant and graceful spotted cat, with huge ears. These resultant cats are intelligent, loyal and social companions with unchallenging dog like temperaments.

Savannah Stud boy, Hot Spot who now resides at Strawbell Pedigree Cats really does have a dog like out going personality.


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He is extremely playful and just runs alongside you - he has no fear whatsoever. We could easily devote most of the day playing fetch with him if we are not careful! The coat of a Savannah cat, as defined by TICA Breed Standards, is short to medium in length with a slightly coarse feel to it; a coat that has remarkable substance and texture. Regardless of the colour of the Savannah Cat its lips must be black. It should also have outstanding black tear duct lines on the inner sides of each eye. The leather on the nose of the spotted Savannah Cat could be brick red, solid black or black with a light red or pink line running down the centre in black. The Savannah Cat paws should be deep charcoal or brownish black.


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Each Savannah Cat generation is defined by Foundations (F) as follows:-
·F1 description has a Serval as a parent
·F2 description has a Serval as a grand parent
·F3 description has a Serval as a great grand parent
·F4 description has a Serval as a great, great grand parent
The F5 description is five generations removed from the Serval cat - A1 Savannahs 'Hot Spot of Strawbell Pedigree Cats' is a great example of an F5 Savannah Cat. He is our Savannah to Savannah mating Stud.

The Savannah cat diet is the same for domestic cats. We provide our cats with a good quality dry food, where they can gain access to it at all times, with a wet packet or tin meal for lunch and a raw chicken leg at night. We groom them by just stroking them with a leather glove every morning and they love it.

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*Breed standards may vary according to cat governing body

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