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From it's humble beginnings to it vast popularity in homes and show halls all over the world, Scottish Folds have always intrigued and charmed us. All Scottish Folds can be traced back to the original cat 'Susie' who was found near the Scottish village of Coupar Angus by William Ross. This kitten was playing in a neighbor's yard and caught his attention because of the odd looking cat had ears that folded downward.  Several days later Mr. Ross went back to the neighbor and asked if the cat, that he and his wife Mary called Susie, ever had kittens - and, if it did, could they have one. About a year went by and Susie had a litter of two and both developed the unusual fold-ears.

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One was given to the friends of Rosses' neighbors (a male kitten that was neutered and kept as a beloved pet). The Rosses took the female kitten. She was snow-white like her mother and they named her 'Snooks.' Shortly after this the mother cat Susie was killed by a car. Thank goodness Snooks was a good producer and the breed survived from her. Over the next several years they worked with Pat Turner and a British geneticist studying, developing and promoting the breed. The GCCF would not recognise these fold-ear cats - nor were the British Shorthair breeders pleased to see that their breed was being used to breed with the Folds.


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Folds were thought to be more prone to ear problems but in later years this has been proved wrong. To this day the GCCF does not allow for registration or show status of Scottish Folds. The failure of the GCCF to recognise the Scottish Fold breed prompted its emigration to the United States where, again, many geneticists worked with the breed in the early years. With much work and enthusiasm Salle Wolfe Peters a Manx breeder; Karen Votava, a Fold breeder from Texas; many others along with board members of The Cat Fanciers' Association in 1973, the breed gained registration status. In 1978 Scottish Folds gained acceptance for championship status in CFA. Other cat associations followed later.

The breed standard calls for a medium sized cat with rounded, well-padded body. Tail is medium to long and should be tapering and flexible. Longer tapering tail is preferred. Coats can be either long or shorthair. Head must be well rounded with a short neck. Eyes should have a wide-open sweet expression being large and well rounded. Nose should be short, broad and gently curved with a brief stop allowed. Ears folded forward and downward; rounded at the tips and fitting snugly into the rounded head.

The personalities of Scottish Folds are very sweet, quiet and loving. They are devoted to their families and are not very demanding.

Scottish Folds come in almost any color imaginable and in both longhair and shorthair. They can have fold-ears or straight-ears. Once you have owned, and loved, a Scottish Fold you will probably never be without one.

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