Serengeti's By Emily Of Neverneverlands

My name is Emily, I am a qualified teacher, majoring in Science but my chosen career lies with swimming and, at 25 years old, I am a qualified Swimming Coach and swimming community coach for South Holland Southeast Sports Partnership.

When not at work my passion is my pet family. A normal day in my house starts at 7am with a walk for my pet dog 'Dinky' a little Lakeland Collie cross. True to his name, Dinky is a small dog but what he lacks in size he makes up for in presence. He can be very vocal and very protective of his family. I am sure he thinks that he is a cat.  I have been breeding Serengeti's for over 4 years now. I first started with my mum in Plymouth.

Nemo 'The Stud!'
For as long as I can remember we had always had cats. Mum had bred cats for years starting with Persians then Burmese and then, in 2003, we brought in a breeding group of what we thought were Bengal's, but it turned out that one of our girls was a Serengeti. As we had never heard of Serengeti cats before we researched the breed and found that there were very few breeders in the UK. This prompted us to continue to breed with this lovely cat.  Work commitments have meant a move away from the family home and, to make it a home from home, I have set up my own breeding group of Serengeti's in Boston Lincolnshire, my cattery name is Neverneverlands.  Meet the cats..

Littlefancy Lilliput a mink spotted AONSE
Lillyput is my 'top cat', she is a stunning mink spotted Serengeti with attitude she keeps all of my others in order.
Pebbles in my black spotted girl, she is the laziest one who loves to lounge around up high on top my kitchen cabinets.
Pipa is my brown spotted girl with a rustic tinge. She is my tear away, opening cupboard doors and acting as a guard 'dog' when strangers come calling. At just 13 months old Pipa is yet to have a litter.


My last girl is Dusty, she is a silver spotted and joined us this year from USA. She has a fascination with blankets and usually chews holes in them. Stud boy, to these three lucky girls, is Nemo. Only 18 months old and already 5.5kg, his size is distracting but he has the most sweet, friendly personality I have ever known in a cat.

Last of the older cats, and waiting to go to his new home, is Bow Gangles a kitten from Lilliputs April litter. Bow was shown in September in Lincoln. A stunning brown spotted SE with great character and a very mischievous streak. He is always first with his head in the shopping bag when I come in the front door. Many a happy time have I spent chasing him around the house as he has runs off with cookies, cakes, crisps, pasta, cheese and a packet of twiglets. Vegetables were also on the hit list but Bow decided that they were too healthy for him…a far better use for potatoes is a 'one on one' football game with the dog. Bow has developed quite a tummy. I will have to put him on a diet before he goes to his new home - and meets up with his girlfriends at Donnas'

Kittens, the latest Osbourne litter, Sharon, Ozzy, Kelly, Jack and Minnie Me, all get their fair share of attention. They love to be pampered and played with. They are constant purr balls that are Majoring in the art of giving kisses.

Well you have now been introduced to my family.. During the year kittens come and kittens go, none are forgotten, and it is always nice to have updates when babies fly the nest.

Spending time with my animals is a very important part of my life. It gives me time to relax from the strains of work and, I consider myself privileged to be part of the development of the Serengeti - A very new and exciting breed in the UK.

Spare time? … well if I am not working, or being slave to my very pampered pets, I always have the Serengeti and rare breed club secretarial work to keep me on my toes.

Story written by (Click to view cattery profile): Emily Of Neverneverlands Serengeti's

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Author: Emily Of Neverneverlands

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  • 1. At 10:58:54 AM on 27 Oct 2008, frodo wrote:

    Soryy but the picture marked Dusty isn't Dusty. The cat shown is Littlefancy Lilliput a mink spotted AONSE.

  • 2. At 03:50:35 PM on 23 May 2009, veejaybengals wrote:

    Very interesting, and nice to know what else people do when they are not breeding cats, you have some beautiful cats

  • 3. At 03:51:22 PM on 13 Aug 2009, helgahattingh wrote:

    Hi Emily,

    Yeah nice to know what people do when not breeding. Your mum knows me very well. Never knew you are a teacher. Me too. I'm still enjoying Branny. He is such a mummas boy! There are updated photos of him on my website if you want to have a look

    Kind Regards,

  • 4. At 03:52:46 PM on 13 Aug 2009, helgahattingh wrote:

    How do I get into contact with the club?


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