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In a quiz if there was a question asking for the name of a pedigree cat, the top answer would be Siamese purely because it is the best known pedigree cat. Every Siamese cat is an extrovert in their own way, entertaining, demanding to be loved and returning this love with the over the top emotions only a Siamese can give. Communication qualities of the breed are legendary, they love nothing better than to hold a conversation with their owner, or at times anyone who is willing to listen. Intelligent, huge on curiosity, very playful, extremely affectionate all this wrapped up in glamorous lithe body and a colour pointed face with sincere blue eyes.

© Christine Duffy (Simplisiamese)

G.C.C.F. Standard of Points...The Siamese cat should be a beautiful beautifully balanced animal with head, ears and neck carried on a long svelte body, supported on fine legs and feet with a tail in proportion. The head and profile should be wedge-shaped, neither round nor pointed. The eyes should be a clear brilliant blue, the expression alert and intelligent. Head - Long and well proportioned with width between the ears, narrowing in perfectly straight lines to a fine muzzle with straight profile, strong chin and level bite, carried upon an elegant neck. Ears – Rather large and pricked,. Wide at the base, set so as to follow the lines of the face. Eyes – Oriental in shape and slanting towards the nose but with width in between. They should not be deep set. The haw should not cover more than the corner of the eye.

© Christine Duffy (Simplisiamese)
Body, Legs and Feet – Body medium in size, long and svelte, legs proportionately slim, hind legs slightly higher than the front legs. Feet small and oval. The body, legs and feet should all be in proportion, giving the whole a well balanced appearance. Tail - Long and tapering and free from any kink. Points – Mask, ears feet and tail dense and clearly defined colour, matching in basic colour on al lpoints, showing clear contrast between points and body colour. Mask complete and (except in kittens) connected by tracings with the ears; Coat – very short and fine in texture, glossu and close lying. Colours – As per individual colour standards, any shading to appear on back and sides. Bib , chest and belly to be pale.

Siamese are available in a stunning array of colours, Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Cinnamon Point, Caramel Point, Fawn Point, Apricot Point, Tabby Points, Tortie Points, Red Point and Cream Points. Siamese are sociable creatures and can be lonely if left alone all day and it is wiser to have two if this is a regular occurrence. Apple heads, or old fashioned style Siamese are still available but are getting to be harder to find as the style for the show bench is the type that most breeders are aiming achieve but this does not make the old fashioned style second class Siamese, in any way, it is purely a matter of personal choice. What ever the style the wonderful Siamese personality remains unchanged and to know a Siamese cat is to love one.

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