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The Singapura breed originates from Singapore and is the result of mother nature's combination of genes indigenous to South East Asia - both the brown as in Siamese and Burmese and the agouti or ticked pattern.

The first cats to appear were imported into America from Singapore by Hal and Tommy Meadow in the mid-seventies, having been found in the Loyang. The breed was carefully developed from these first cats together with another import in 1980. The look of the cat as determined by these early imports and remains unaltered today.

Singapuras were first imported into the UK from the USA in 1988 but due to personal circumstances the breeder had to rehome her cats but, a little later on another breeder rescued some of these cats.

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The Singapura is an alert, healthy, medium sized cat of foreign type. The body has good bone structure and is moderately stocky and muscular giving the impression of great elegance. Females are usually smaller than the males, but still feel heavier than they look. The strong slender legs taper to small oval feet. The tail should be slender but not whippy - and should have a blunt tip. Body colour is an old or golden ivory with a soft warm effect, ticked with sepia brown. Each hair has at least two bands of sepia brown ticking, separated by light bands - light next to skin, and dark tip. Muzzle, chest, stomach and inner legs are an unticked light ivory colour.


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Singapuras should have some barring on their inner front legs and back knees. The coat is short, fine, silky, and close-lying.

The breed has noticeably large hazel, green or yellow eyes and large ears, wide open at base, and deep cupped. The outer line of the ears extends upwards to an angle slightly wide of parallel. The head is gently rounded with a definite whisker break and a medium short, broad muzzle with a blunt nose. In profile, the Singapura has a rounded skull with a slight stop just below eye level. There must be evidence of dark pigment outline on the nose. 'Cheetah' lines from the inner corner of the eye towards just behind the whisker pad should be present.

They have soft, gentle voices and love human company. A great artist - the Singapura will take on many personas, they play and frolic, 'help' you read the paper by walking all over it (after all you should be fussing them), and love sitting on shoulders or curling up on laps especially if you're feeling unwell. Being vigorous cats they are active and lively, with a love of warmth. Their stature makes them gentle cats, but they are also playful, and remain so throughout their lives, even the older cats enjoying a wild game.

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