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The SOKOKE cats gets its name from Arabuko Sokoke Forest District near Watamu, Kenya, this is where they were first "discovered" by Europeans. In Swahili the cats are called Kadzonzo meaning "looks like tree bark" a good description of the tabby pattern.

The cats have naturally developed a unique look and this is now being preserved by human intervention. There are 2 foundation lines of Sokoke, The old lines and The New Lines Sokoke. New line Sokoke are those exported from Kenya after 1993 The old line Sokoke occasionally produce "snow" sokoke which shows there is at least some siamese blood in the history.

© Salatana Sokoke

In 1984, Sokoke cats where shown for the first time in Copenhagen the breed has spread in mainland Europe and there are now even a few cats in UK, USA and Canada. It is still one of the rarest naturally occurring domestic breeds in the world.

The Sokoke is a sleek, slender, naturally athletic, muscular cat, with a medium frame dressed in a tight, short, ticked modified classic tabby coat. The Sokoke is a domestic cat with a friendly disposition they thrive on affection but can be possessive towards their human companions whom they deeply bond with and like to talk to at the top of their voices!

© Salatana Sokoke

The Sokoke will be shown as a provisional New Breed in TICA in May 2007.

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