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The Somali is a longhaired descendant of the Abyssinian. How the longhaired gene came into the Abyssinian population no one knows for sure. The first Somalis were bred and shown in America in the 1960’s and it wasn’t until 1980 that they were imported into Britain. In 1982 FIFe accepted the breed. Since then enthusiastic breeders worked hard with Somalis in the UK and their efforts paid off in 1991 when Usual and Sorrel were given championship status by the GCCF. It was not until seven years later in 1998 that all other colours were granted GCCF Championship Status.

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The Somali really is a breathtaking cat to behold; having a wild look whilst also being elegant and graceful. The Somali resembles a fox, with its large ears, full ruff, breeches and bushy tail.
Body: Well proportioned, medium sized, lithe and muscular, normally weighing between seven and twelve pounds. They reach full size at about eighteen months of age. Somalis are foreign in type. They have long legs and oval paws with tufts between the toes.
Coat: The Somali has a semi-longhair coat which is incredibly soft and silky, non-matting and easy to care for.

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Ticking: Ticking is the essence of the Somali coat. The ticking is darker than the base colour with three to fourteen bands of colour along each hair giving the impression of a gloss or shimmer to the cat.
Colours: Somalis come in a variety of 28 colours, the most recognised being Usual, Blue, Sorrel and Fawn. Each colour then comes in Silver, which has a silvery-white base colour. There are also sex-linked and Tortie colours available.
Head: Proportionately large, tufted ears set wide apart and broad at the base, they are sweet-faced with the Tabby ‘M’ on their foreheads. A slight nose break is essential, with a firm chin and an elegant neck.
Eyes: Large, expressive almond shaped eyes with dark ‘eyeliner’. They are alert and luminous ranging in colour from intense green to rich amber.

Somalis are highly intelligent, affectionate, playful and talkative cats. They need lots of love and attention from their owners and like to be treated as one of the family. They will almost always be by your side, be it on your bed at night or getting under your feet in the kitchen! Somalis are intelligent and capable of working things out; they learn quickly and remember remarkably well. Somalis are also great with children as they are very gentle natured. They are adept communicators enjoying a conversation and have a charming chirrup which they use frequently.

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