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The Thai Blue Point & Thai Lilac - Cats From Out Of The Blue

Although the name Korat is only given to the blue cat of Thailand and no out-crossing has taken place, recessive colour genes have been carried from their country of origin. From time to time Korat variants are born. These are the Thai Blue Points which look remarkably like old fashioned Blue Point Siamese and Thai Lilacs, a solid lilac cat with some of the Korat silvery sheen to its coat.

At present they are only acknowledged in the UK, though there are records of them being born in other countries too. The Korat Breed Advisory Committee has provision for them within its Registration Policy and they are recognised at Preliminary (new breed) level, so can be shown.

© Jenanca Thai Blue Point
& Thai Lilac
They aren't on the show bench in quantity, but quality has been excellent. Exhibits have rarely failed to collect merit certificates. So where did these genes, 'alien' to the Korat, come from? The origins of the Thai Blue Point Lilac must lie somewhere back in the mists of time in Thailand. Sealpoint Siamese (Wichienmaad), Korats (Si-sawats) and Copper cats (Thong Daeng) all existed as recognised Thai cats several hundred years ago, at the time when the cat book poems were written.

Although they have been developed as distinct and separate breeds in the west since the beginning of the 20th century, each breed carries a genetic legacy from their country of origin.


© Jenanca Thai Blue Point
& Thai Lilac
It is on record that the Korat is thought to have added the 'blue' to the Blue Point Siamese, possibly the Burmese acquired their blue genes from this source too. It's not really very surprising that a few Korats gained added extras in return.

The most frequently asked question is: If the parentage of these cats is Korat, why not simply call them Lilac and Blue Point Korats, instead of Thai? Agreed, this is perfectly logical if nothing is known of Korat tradition. However, the word 'Korat' in Thai (Si-sawat) means blue cat, and indeed, the Korat is defined as the blue cat of Thailand. That means any other coloured cat, regardless of parentage, cannot qualify for this definition. Therefore a name was coined that described both the colour and origin, but also respected tradition, according to the breeders' wishes.
So they must make their own way. The Standard of Points calls for a heart shaped face, large blue eyes and blue points with silver tipping. With such attractive qualities demanded it surely won't be long before the Thai Blue Point wins a special following of its own. The Thai Lilac has a silver tipped coat and large, expressive, clear green eyes - truly winning and appealing qualities.

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