Just Bought A New Kitten?

What essential items will you need for your new kitten? It is not necessary to spend vast amounts of money on your kitten. However, there are a few essential items that you will need prior to collection.
  • Pet Carrier: This should be secure, ventilated and the correct size for your kitten. It should not be so large that your kitten is thrown about. But, large enough so that your kitten can stand up, turn around, stretch its legs and move position.
  • Water & Food Bowls: These should be designed for cats and be a suitable size for your kitten. Your kitten should not have to climb into the bowls to access food or water.
  • Kitten Food: It is important to establish what foods your kitten has been used to and feed the same foods! Sudden changes of diet can cause stomach upsets, diarrhoea or even organ failure. All pets should be slowly weaned onto new diets. Often breeders will give you a food sample. If not, ask. Only ever feed quality kitten foods - Preferably 'complete' kitten diets in dried or wet formats.
  • Litter Tray & Litter: The tray should big enough for the kitten to stand up and turn around - but not so large that the kitten cannot get in and out easily! The litter tray should grow in size as your kitten does. If it is too small an 'accident' could occur or the kitten will refuse to use it. It may help to train the kitten to use the tray of you obtain the same litter the kitten has become accustomed to.
  • Bed & Bedding: Fleecy pet blankets are good with a suitable kitten bed.
  • Some Kitten Toys: Toys do not have to be expensive. A nice clean cardboard box makes a lovely play area for a kitten; feathers are fun, as are cotton reels and paper bags. A scratching post is a great idea and the kitten will soon get used to using one (It does not necessarily have to be part of a large activity centre). Catnip toys are good as they are scented with the herb Nepeta Cataria which many cats are attracted to. Just avoid toys with small parts that may be ingested or items that the kitten could get tangled or caught in.
  • Grooming: A suitable kitten comb.
  • Window Mesh Screens: If you live in a high building, and like to have your windows open, fit mesh screens to stop the kitten falling out.
  • Medications: We recommend that your kitten is vet health checked as soon as possible (and certainly within the first few days). Ask you vet for advice about administering medications and to recommend suitable flea & worming treatments. Do not self medicate your kitten until it has been vet checked.
  • Extra Items: If you do not have a settling in room (Please see 'Settling In' advice sheet for more information) you may want to consider a kitten pen or large pet crate for safe play/sleeping areas.
Author: KittenList

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