What Age Should A New Kitten Be Before Being Allowed Outside For The First Time? How To Train Your Kitten To Go Outside.

There is no evidence to suggest that cats that are allowed outside are any happier than 'indoor cats.' In reality the kitten will only know what it has become, or will become, accustomed to.

However, you should not let your kitten outside at all until it has completed its first course of vaccinations. To ensure maximum protection we would recommend that it does not go outside, or come into contact with other cats, until a week after its second injection. Your vet can give you more advice about this.

The kitten should also be completely familiar with its interior environment before any attempt to introduce it to the outside world.

Kittens should be introduced to the garden slowly - a little distance at a time. You should accompany your kitten at all times and ensure the garden is free from noises and other animals.

You may need to accompany your kitten outside until it is six months old. When your kitten begins to go outside more often you should consider a suitable collar and identity tag or have your kitten 'identichipped.' Make sure the collar is correctly fitted. Loose collars can get caught in trees, posts etc and kittens can catch their paws in them.
Author: KittenList

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