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You can sell your cats and kittens for free. Advertise your pedigree cattery, studs and stud cat services for free. Plus..

- you can promote your cat clubs and cat events - free
- we do not charge to search or contact our advertisers
- we have spam and scam busting facilities keeping rogue emails to a minimum
- our online help forum is at your disposal 24/7 to chat and seek advice - any time.
- we get millions of hits every month!
- we have 1000's of adverts & catteries from all over the UK & worldwide
- kittenlist is searchable & easy to use
- we have over 10 years of online experience and a great reputation
- we have 13,000+ active user accounts!

KittenList is dedicated just to cats and kittens and the welfare of cats and kittens. We are NOT a general 'sell it all' classifieds site. But most important of all, we help thousands and thousands of cats and kittens find happy homes every year! So why advertise anywhere else?

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