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Location: Brandon, Suffolk
United Kingdom
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Experience the enchanting Mistymogwai Champion pedigree Toyger and embrace a beloved life companion!!! We are soo proud to have been one of the few breeders to be involved in the Toyger program, accepted by the breed founder herself, Judy Sugden. We knew it was going to be an experience of a lifetime, and were not incorrect in that speculation. Our first Toyger litter arrived in May 2008 and as the Toyger breed was accepted for showing by The International Cat Association (TICA) in May 2007, we were extremely eager to begin showing our Mistymogwai bred Toygers in earnest which began late in the 2007/2008 show season. As of today, 18 March 2017, Mistymogwai Toygers remain the most prolific Toyger show cattery outside the USA. Along the way, our very first Toyger, OD TGC GBTropicats Aztec Gold, became not only the first Toyger Champion (2nd overall) outside the USA, but also the only Toyger female to earn the additional title of ‘Outstanding Dam’ which is earned when 5 of her progeny earned the title of ‘Grand Champion’ or above. From our second litter of 4 Toygers we had our first ever Mistymogwai bred Champion as well as our second who also went on to become the first ever Supreme Grand Champion outside the USA, and the 3rd ever Toyger worldwide to achieve this distinction. To date Misytymogwai bred Toygers have garnered 19 Champion titles including 4 Supreme Grand Champions (3 in the last 3 TICA show seasons)….only our good friend from WildFX Toyger Cattery has more…..and we’re proud to have a WildFX breeding line at Mistymogwai. Our dedication to this breed and the breed standard made it quite easy to establish our priorities in our cattery: 1) Health, 2) Temperament, 3) Tigery pattern and colour, and 4) Big Cat Structure. We are currently working vigorously of #4 having achieved, successfully and on a consistent basis the first 3 priorities. The captivating temperament and amazing intelligence of a Mistymogwai Toyger has rendered many families extremely happy which we have concluded from the enormous positive feedback received almost on a weekly basis. For us, that is what it’s all about!!!
What do you get when you purchase a Mistymogwai Toyger? Registration with TICA, up-to-date shot records, fully certified 4 generation pedigree, microchipped and a litter box trained Toyger. At the option new owner, we can provide free 4 weeks insurance with PetPlan, argueably the best pet insurance company in the UK. Additionally, all our Toygers will leave us neutered/spayed which is not negotiable unless buying as a breeding stud or queen which is possible after a pretty long, drawn out vetting period and many face-to-face meetings to gauge a level of trust and dedication to the breed. It’s a very, very expensive hobby.

Contact via email is preferred; guaranteed answer within 24 hours, most likely sooner unless attending a cat show. http://www.mistymogwaitoygers.co.uk

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