Breeder of : British Shorthair
Memberships: G.C.C.F
Listed since:1st May 12
Last Updated:6th Feb 15

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Location: Telford, Shropshire
United Kingdom
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We are Hobby breeders of British shorthair cats,
Our Kittens are home reared With children in our Smoke free home,
13 Weeks of Love & Cuddles, handled daily.
G.C.C.F Registered, 4 Generations Pedigree,
Thoroughly Vet Checked Twice,
Fully Vaccinated - X2 inc Leukaemia,
Micro chipped with 2nd vaccination,
P.K.D (Polycystic Kidney Disease) NORMAL
Blood group type - B,
Treated with Advocate (fleas, mites & worms)
8 Weeks free insurance (Gccf & Pet plan)
The kitten guide - to help you through the first year,
Litter trained & Scratch post trained,
Kitten pack - Royal Canin Baby Cat & Kitten pouches,
Toys, Blanket, Information sheets, ECT.....
Lifetime of help and support
they are all from good quilty Champion & Grand Champion breed lines,
Colours we breed are Blues & Lilacs.

We have a Proven Lilac boy Available at STUD,
He has a very loving temperament, very loving boy,
He has a CHAMPION Son (he also has a GRAND Certificate)
& other offspring winning 1st, BOBs, & CCs,
GCCF Active Registered, Excellent Pedigree,
Thoroughly Vet Checked - Fully Vaccinated

We also do ultrasound pregnancy scans Enquires welcomed.

Kitten Enquires & Stud Booking Welcomed.

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