Breeder of : British Shorthair
Memberships: GCCF
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Listed since:10th Jun 12

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Location: Cornwall
United Kingdom
Telephone:01872 241247

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Our kittens are breed for temperament and type, as well as being beautiful our Dam 'Waris Paris' has been breed from Grand Champion bloodlines. This results in the kittens being well balanced, confident, exceptionally well natured and tolerant, friendly and of course gorgeous!

Our kittens leave here well prepared for their new life with you. We spend every possible moment with them to ensure they are used to the everyday noises and sensations such as being carried around, vacuuming and loud children. Whilst this is very time consuming, we believe it is vital that when you are ready to collect your kitten, we have done everything possible to ensure the transgression from home to home is as stress free as possible (for you and for them).

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