Blue point ragdoll

Breeder of : Persian, Ragdoll
Memberships: GCCF
Listed since:12th Mar 18
Last Updated:13th Mar 18

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Location: London, Greater London
United Kingdom
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Sabertooth is a Handsome young blue point Ragdoll/Persian Stud. He is 1 year and a couple months old, as you can see he is He is very fluffy due to his Persian ancestry background and has a extremely fluffy and feather like tail, sea blue eyes that change colour depending his mood, his coat is white, gray and lilac, he is a fluffy tom who's body features mimic his Persian father while his face resembles his ragdoll mother, He has seird 1 batch of 9 healthy gorgeous kittens previously who's photos are available on request. He is fully vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and is negative for FIV. He is a lovely, friendly, outgoing, gentle and well-behaved boy that is very vocal, loves people, attention, can do many tricks including playing football. His aspiring queen-to-be will need to be checked by vet and have vaccination, deworming and defleaing up to date. Please bring doctors notes, proof of ownership pria to meeting. Her claws should be trimmed if possible to avoid unnecessary scratches and She needs to be in heat, preferably beginning of the cycle. Please bring some samples of her favourite snacks/favourite toy/beloved blanket to ease her mood, litre tray, food for the duration of her stay I will provide with the rest. She will stay with us for up to 3-6 days and will be supervised at all time. If the mating will prove to be unsuccessful I guarantee one more visit included in price. However I do require at least 1 kitten, first pick from each liter and a signed contract as well as payment of 150 in full on the day of our meeting. If you do not wish to comply with my demand I offer a 250- 300 negotiable charge just for mating with no kitten.
Money must be paid in cash when you bring your girl in. Payment of 150-300 negotiable.
Kind regards yasmin

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