For Sale 4 Non-Pedigree Cross Breed or Moggie

Adorable Kittens ( father Turkish Van cross mother 1/4 Mainecoon)
Boys Peach Tabby, Silver Tabby (Tuxedo ), White & silver Tabby, Girl Black / White (Tuxedo)
Available:3 Male and 1 Female
Breed: Cross Breed or Moggie
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:From 29 June 2017 aged 9 weeks
Posted:25th May at 14:00
Last Updated:8th Jun at 23:04
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Location: Potters Bar, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

These darlings will be ready to go to loveable permanent homes from 29 June 2017 when they will be 9 weeks old.
They are truly all wonderfully natured with fantastic personalities. We have bred from mum before keeping some of her kittens and remained in touch with other 'owners'. Grandmother Willow is British Blue / Red Mainecoon cross and Grandfather Neo a Bengal cross. This mixture of genes make for such marvelous temperament and lovable loyal members of our family. We look for special people to become 'parents' of our little darlings, for they will hopefully provide love and companionship for almost two decades - quite a commitment so we feel our price is fair at 250 for a remarkable animal. With most 'Moggies' one doesn't have a clue of the parentage and ones that are sold in pet shops are placed in cages and can become frightened or aloof. Mum allows us to help her give birth and is happy that we show interest in her babes. They are perfectly weaned on the best Mother & Baby-cat food by Royal Canin and litter trained entirely by her and she even shares any tidbits with them calling to them to devotedly....if you would like to be part of our extended cat family please contact us and tell us 'your' cat story!

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Flash, Conan, Loki & Wonder

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