Savannah Cat Club o Great Britain

Affililations: TICA
Area Club:No
Breed Club:No
Listed since:15th Jun 09
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Name:Donna Peynado

Additional Information

The purposed of this Club should be:
1.To promote the SCCGB and integrate the welfare of all breeds of domestic, wild, hybrid, and none pedigree cats with a precise interest in the Savannah Breed of Cat.

2.To sponsor cat shows that promote and support the Savannah breed of cat, and the SCCGB. In turn, the SCCGB will support all legal special programmes, and promote any ethical criteria that increases understanding of cats to owners and the general public, with the exception of any programme that may bring the SCCGB into disrepute.

3.To cultivate friendship and team working amongst Savannah Cat owners and Breeders and promote a world wide interest and continuous development of Cat Ownership, Fanciers, and Breeders.

4.To encourage breeding towards TICA Standards and encourage the registration of cats, in particular the Savannah Cat Breed within TICA.

5.To promote and encourage kindness to all animals and to assist in the prevention of cruelty and ill-treatment of animals.

6.To encourage the spaying and neutering of any and all cats not specifically being used as part of a viable breeding program in order to reduce the excessive trend to over-population of, and tragedy among, unwanted domestic cats.