Highlander Cat Breeders Group HCBG

Affililations: Application made to TICA
Area Club:No
Breed Club:Yes
Listed since:29th Mar 10
Last Updated:20th Apr 10
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We are a Group of dedicated breeders working to promote the Highlander Cats. Although these strikingly unusual cats with their curled back ears and bob tails are a new breed at TICA registration. Their is pictorial evidence dated 1962 to support that these cats are a naturally occurring breed in Canada. Their are a lot of variations in the different inherited traits in this breed which makes them so interesting we mustn't forget their occassional polyfeet.
Any one of the breeders would be more than willing to help.
The kittens are offered for Pet, Show and Breeding. People wishing to promote the breed and keen enthusiasts are welcome.Please visit our blogspot for more details regarding this lovely breed of cats