Staying Safe With KittenList

Scams are NOT unique to the internet. The same scams occur in everyday life. Practice common sense online..the same way you would at any other time. Follow these pretty basic guidelines to help avoid online scams..

General Advice
  • Never use 'money gram,' 'money transfer,' 'western union' type methods to make deposits or payments. These are use widely by frausters. Use safe payment methods such as 'Paypal.'
  • Be wary of persons 'shipping' cats by 'courier' or 'agent' (Particularly from abroad and definitely when in combination with 'Western Union' type payments).
  • If selling cats: Never accept cheques that are in excess of the asking price of your cats. This could be the common 'Criminal Cashback' scam. You can read more about this scam here
  • Do not disclose your personal details, such as tel numbers, bank details & addresses, to persons you do not know. If you need to supply pedigree papers remove any personal details & registration numbers. Don't be rushed into giving your personal information away...this is a tactic used by fraudsters.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions or turn people down.
  • If you have received a scam mail do not respond to it. Sending abusive messages back to scammers will induce them to send you a computer virus...So, keep your virus protection up to date too.
  • Familiarise yourself with scams and learn how to recognise them. The Metropolitan Police Fraud Alert website can be found here (With lots of useful information):
KittenList Specific Advice
  • If you are ever worried about anything you have received from this site report it - and we will investigate. will not tolerate abuse.
  • When placing any information on kittenlist.. To avoid your email address being visible to the general public only ever put your email details in the 'email' sections on our forms. We intentionally hide your email addresses from the public. Putting them anywhere else in a form, and making them visible, means that scammers & spammers can collect them!
  • Keep an eye on our scams page - It is updated whenever a scam is reported to us. Please allow up to 24 hours for updates and in the meantime do not repsond to the enquiry that concerns you.
  • Use links on our scams page to validate email addresses & check IP locations. Enquiries from our site come with the IP address of the sender attached and this allows you to see which country the email has come from.
Please also see our Guidance For KittenList Users Page. Covering: Site Usage, Site Advertising Recommendations & Guidelines, Classification Of Cat Types, Classification Of Cat Terms.

You can find any recent scam reports and prevention tools here Go To Our Main Anti Scam Facilities Page

The Team