For Sale 5 Non-Pedigree Cross Breed or Moggie

Mix of silver patterns see advert
Available:2 Male and 3 Female
Breed: Cross Breed or Moggie
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:AT A MIN OF 10 WEEKS OF AGE
Posted:31st May at 18:04
Last Updated:18th Jun at 9:20
Advertiser Details
Location: BOURNEMOUTH, Dorset
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Fantastic litter of chocolate box kittens a result of their full pedigree British Shorthair mummy Silver spotted escaping out the window to our local exotic cross boy that fancies our posh girls.Please ask for pictures this will not allow them on here They will be treated the same as our pedigrees and will leave with full information pack , toys , food etc. we have a silver torti white female, silver blue spotted and white boy, silver golden spotted boy, torti girl and felix black smoked and white boy. Price will be on colour 150-275. please email a little of the home that awaits these special babies . Not ready until end of june/july. deposit only secures.

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