For Sale 3 Non-Pedigree Cross Breed or Moggie

Birman cross
Red girl, cream boy, blue tortie girl
Available:1 Male and 2 Female
Breed: Cross Breed or Moggie
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:now.
Posted:19th Jun at 9:55
Advertiser Details
Location: East Grinstead, West Sussex
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Happy. healthy, semi longhair, plush-coated babies ready to go. Raised in busy family home with large dog and teenage chaos.
This is my first 'oops' litter in 15 years of pedigree breeding. Deed was done while I was in hospital.
These babies have been reared with all the love and attention of my 'posh' babies. Mum and half sibling, and many other relative can be seen.

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