For Sale 1 Pedigree American Highlander

Black Highlander
Black. Semi Longhaired
Available:1 Male
Breed: American Highlander
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Now Onwards.
Posted:27th Jan at 14:36
Advertiser Details
Offered by: Tremarie Persians, Chinchillas & Selkirk Rex
Location: Barnstaple, Devon
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Extremeley handsome, kitten 8 months old, black, semi longhaired. poly footed male Highlander for rehoming. Doesn't like being pulled about, Likes the male cat he is living with, but the female cat does not like him. If you love black cats this is a must have. Not for a small childs pet Although Tyson is living with a small child at present Doesn't mind his own company. He is not offered free, he will be neutered before leaving. For further details, Please message if you are interested.:) without obligation. :) Lives indoors with other cats. photos can be sent.

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