For Sale 2 Pedigree Bengal

Gorgeous F3 Bengal Female Kittens Cheshire
Brown Rosetted/Spotted
Available:2 Female
Breed: Bengal
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Next week
Posted:23rd Oct at 14:02
Last Updated:13th Nov at 2:22
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Offered by: Sundara Cats
Location: Congleton, Cheshire
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Rare opportunity to own a stunning early generation bengal kitten. We have available 2 gorgeous early generation (F3) brown rosetted/spotted females from our F2 Awilddream Makatza and Queenanne Chrome Legacy.

Girl 1 has a beautiful wild expression, a lovely rounded head with large golden eyes, medium rounded ears, puffy whisker pads and a nice, strong chin. She has great contrast, dark rosettes on a wonderful golden brown base coat. She is cheeky, playful and very affectionate.

Girl 2 has a really lovely wild expression, rounded head with large nocturnal eyes, small rounded ears, puffy whisker pads and a nice strong chin. She has great contrast with inky black outlined markings. She is a real character, playful, affectionate and always up to mischief.

Available as exquisite pets to the right homes, please enquire for breeder or pet prices. A 300 deposit will reserve the kitten of your choice. Both of them have been socialised and bought up in our family home.

All of our kittens come with pedigree paperwork, fully socialised, weaned and litter trained. They are health checked, wormed and vaccinated by our vet and come with 4 weeks Pet Plan Insurance, plus a Royal Canin kitten pack.

We are a small, select hobby breeder. We specialise in breeding stunning, quality bengals, selected very carefully from the best bloodlines, concentrating on their exotic looks, excellent type and superb temperaments of loving family pets.

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Girl 2

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