For Sale 1 Pedigree British Longhair

Silver Shaded (chinchilla)
Silver Shaded (chinchilla)
Available:1 Male
Breed: British Longhair
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:at 11wks
Posted:26th Mar at 16:33
Last Updated:23rd Apr at 10:36
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Offered by: frankatz
Location: BOURNEMOUTH, Dorset
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

One fantastic boys with wonderful emerald green eyes and good silver shading edging the coat .Bred from our Imported and Uk lines .. With these they have a single manageable coat not an under coat like the persian that cause matting etc. 575 .

Both identical both soppy lumps that love to be laid upside like a baby in your arms . Pictures of our mummy and Posh daddy .

These are brought up getting used to our everyday life within the home and leave socialised ,toilet trained (Not in a pen) and used to our dogs aswell.

These are very gentle home loving companions and suit being indoor cats where they can be by your side.

They leave with "full vet health check" letter given
Wormed via the vets and defead
Complete information pack and 5 generation pedigree certifate
Full insurance for 4 weeks
Food , toys ,bowls etc

They will only be sold as Pet Homes no showing or breeding rights and no high rise flats please . We care greatly about the home that awaits " one so special "

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a sweet kind angel in every way

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