For Sale 5 Pedigree British Shorthair

Available:2 Male and 3 Female
Breed: British Shorthair
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Min age of 10wks old
Posted:12th Jun at 16:37
Last Updated:26th Jun at 8:31
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Offered by: frankatz
Location: BOURNEMOUTH, Dorset
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Truly beautiful kittens from our top BSH silver pedigree naughty girl who squeezed out my top window to our awaiting handsome exotic on the roof waiting outside mmmmmm .

We have sooooo many pictures of them and mummy so please ask as only allowed 6 on here .Price will be on colour with these. All super.
they will be treated the same as our full pedigrees on the best food , worm and flea treatments etc . These will make adorable companions and house loving cats. Just like little dogs chilled , friendly and always wanting to be near your side . As both parents are Not moggies.they are pedigree .
We also have ful pedigree silver Spotted and Tabby.
these are brought up within our home and used to lots of attention and our two dogs. they will used to sitting on our laps and toilet trained to the entire house before leaving. They will leave with full information care pack , food , toys and 4wks insurance cover . If you think you might be suitable for one of these very special babies please give us an idea on the home that is awaitng . thank you for reading . Price is on colour and if sold as a pair.

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Silver golden torti spotted

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