For Sale 4 Pedigree British Shorthair

GCCF Champion Sired British Shorthairs - blue/cinnamon
Blue, Blue bi-colour, blue tortie and white colourpoint - all may carry Cinnamon
Available:3 Male and 1 Female
Breed: British Shorthair
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:1st January
Posted:21st Oct at 9:53
Last Updated:14th Nov at 10:53
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Offered by: Lulee Cats
Location: Rossett, Cheshire
United Kingdom
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Champion sired, 15 minutes from Chester. GCCF registered (pet only, unless agreed), beautiful British shorthair kittens. Ready around the 1st January 2018. 750 each, a 100 deposit secures your kitten. Mum carries cinnamon so all kittens have a 50% chance of carrying cinnamon.

1 x blue male, aka 'Cobbychops'
1 x blue male, aka 'The Angel'
1 x blue bi-colour male, aka Bouncer
1 x blue tortie and white colourpoint aka 'Mogwai'

Each kitten already has its own persinality, hence the names they have earned!

- Cobbychops is slightly darker blue than his brother and is pretty fiesty and very greedy! He will do anything to get his food!
- The Angel is a pale blue colour, and so calm and collected! He has a very pretty face, with a lovely broad nose and wide set eyes - all the makings of a stunner!
- Bouncer this little blighter has a tendency of literally kicking the others away from mum, when they are feeding, so he can then sneak into the best spot!
- Mogwai - She always has to be in the middle of the group, snuggled right up to the rest of them!

Raised in our home, used to household noises and very well handled and cuddled every day! Beautiful kittens with excellent pedigree, and many champions in their blood lines, with European lines in mum's pedigree.

Mum is a blue colourpoint with white, carrying cinnamon, and can be seen in my home. Dad is a champion cream boy belonging to a fellow breeder and friend. Both mum and dad are exceptionally healthy, both are tested for PKD and normal. Both parents are blood group A and both are on the GCCF Active Register. Many champions in both lines.

The kittens will be fed a high quality diet, rich in protein, will be vet checked twice and come fully vaccinated. They will be registered with the GCCF as pets, unless otherwise agreed.

Health is genuinely very important to us, and we follow the strictest guidelines for cleanliness - all litter trays are completely emptied, cleaned and sterilised every day, and fresh, sterilised food and water bowls with fresh food and water are also supplied every day.

Temperament is also important, and the kittens grow up around us, in a family home where they are free to explore and practise being super cute, mischievous kittens as soon as they are ready to!

If you would like to know more about us, how the kittens will be raised, or anything else, get in touch.

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