For Sale 3 Pedigree Burmilla

Female Burmilla and Asian Tabby kittens ready to leave now
Chocolate Golden Shaded, Cinnamon Spotted Tabby and Chocolate Mackerel Tabby
Available:3 Female
Breed: Burmilla
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Now
Posted:2nd Feb at 20:16
Advertiser Details
Offered by: Cagaran Tiffanies & Asians
Location: Polmont, Falkirk
United Kingdom
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Telephone:07765 831273

Additional Information

We have three girls available at present: Skye (chocolate golden shaded Burmilla), Boogie (cinnamon spotted Asian Tabby) and Mackie (chocolate mackerel Asian Tabby). Boogie and Mackie are from the same litter and Skye is their half-sister from the same dad. They are very friendly and have huge purrs, and anyone visiting can meet an assortment of relatives going right back to a great-great-great-grandmother (you won't have a choice because they'll all come to say hello!)

The girls are vaccinated, microchipped, GCCF-registered, spayed and will leave us with 5 weeks insurance (or 4 weeks if you prefer Petplan to Agria) and a kitten pack including food and litter samples, toys and a scent blanket to ease the transition to their new home.

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