For Sale 2 Pedigree Chinchilla

Young Adult Chinchillas 14 months
White silver
Available:2 Female
Breed: Chinchilla
Age: Over 9 Months
Date Available:Immediately
Posted:10th Mar at 13:28
Last Updated:10th Mar at 21:53
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Location: Near Newquay, Cornwall
United Kingdom
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Greatly reduced in price due to their ages....Despite MANY enquiries for these endearing souls, none have been the right famlies for them, so here they stay until those come along. Could YOU be that family? They would be so happy to have their own laps to sit on with less competition than here! There is Demelza Woody Guthrie who is a shaded and adores everyone are available too, he was born in April. Woody has been vet checked thoroughly a minimum of twice and speyed. . We also have Demelza Silver Phoenix and his enormous brother, Demelza Silver Zephyr, who spends much of his time sleeping on his back with his tummy displayed who are a year old on 20th January. The kittens have been brought up in hustle and bustle and exposed to various noises and plentiful love. They are alert, playful and great fun to have around. They come from DNA tested PKD NEG breedlines and are happy and healthy and have been thoeoughly examined by an experienced vet at leasr twice. If you are looking to ofer an indoor only, permanent home and think your family would be suitable for them then please get in touch but be prepared foe lots of questions so we can be sure you are just right! They will come with a 5 generation pedigree, a comprehensive brochure explaining their care, grooming and dietary needs and a toy or two.. Kittens are only considered "reserved" upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit of 150 . Please do not leave a mobile number for a call back if we are too busy to answer, email if you dont have a landline, thanks.

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