For Sale 11 Pedigree Maine Coon

Boys 1 and 2- blue ticked; boy 3- blue classic tabby; boys 4,5,6 red white; boy 7- cream white; boy 8- black classic tabby white; boy 9- black ticked. Girl 1- black classic tabby; girl 2- black tortie white
Available:9 Male and 2 Female
Breed: Maine Coon
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:From now and middle of November
Posted:2nd Oct at 20:24
Last Updated:6th Oct at 22:08
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Offered by: PL*Dallantines
Location: Poland
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Additional Information

Parents are FIFe active registered show cats.

Mother and father of blue male kittens:
father: Tutankhamon Tassel Magic*RU - MCO a 25, father imported from Russia with excellent pedigree with champions and world champions.
mother: Essencia Timmaracoon's*NL - MCO a, mother imported from Netherlands

Mother and father of red male and cream kittens:
father: Cherokee Hammamet Yasmine - MCO n 03 22
mother: Ibiza Sweet Almond*PL - MCO d 09

Mother and father of black classic tabby white male:
father: Tutankhamon Tassel Magic*RU - MCO a 25
mother: Cleo Dagstar*PL - MCO n 03 22

Mother and father of black ticked male and black classic tabby girl:
father: Tutankhamon Tassel Magic*RU - MCO a 25
mother: Laura Ashley Cannary Hunters*DE - MCO n 25

Mother and father of black tortie white girl:
father: Joris Sleeping Tigers*AT - MCO d 09 22
mother: Keira Lavender Love*PL - MCO n 09

You're welcome to see all our males, females and litters on our website here:

The kittens are very big boned, healthy playful, friendly and cute. They will come fully viccinated, microchipped, health checked, up to date on flea and warm prevention, litter trained, and a goody bag. Price per kitten as pet 750, price per kitten for breeding 1500, we would like a 200 (non-refundable!) deposit per kitten as pet and 400 (non-refundable!) deposit per kitten for breeding to secure your choice. NO OFFERS.

Please TEXT me as there is a big chance that I won't be able to answer a phone call, I will return any texts as soon as possible 07550433854. Free shipping to London/Cardiff.

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