For Sale 1 Pedigree Maine Coon

Maine coon kittens
Brown tabby
Available:1 Male
Breed: Maine Coon
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Now
Posted:3rd Jan at 10:13
Last Updated:24th Jan at 10:26
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Location: Poole, Dorset
United Kingdom
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Telephone:01202 249234

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A Waring to every one who is looking for a Maine coon,
What you need to know some breeders are charging up to 850 for pet kittens ,the recommend price is 600/700 for pets from the Maine Coon cat club and Maine coon breed society in the uk .be sure you are not paying European prices,

over charging could have serious impact on the welfare of the breeder by making them unaffordable to most people ,this could increase the trade in back street breeders ,and possible cutting of corners

any decent hobby breeder will tell, you don't make a profit and you are lucky to cover your cost at best

,always question the breeders motivation is a hobby or run as business, and use your instincts ,if dose not feel right or dose not add up when choosing a breeder walk away,

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