For Sale 1 Pedigree Maine Coon

Buyers beware
Silver tabby
Available:1 Female
Breed: Maine Coon
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:End April
Posted:31st Mar at 9:25
Last Updated:13th Apr at 11:24
Advertiser Details
Location: Poole, Dorset
United Kingdom
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Telephone:01202 249234

Additional Information

I have placed this add to inform people and warn people
Be careful of gross miss selling
Don't pay more 600 / 700 for pet kittens these are considered to be going acepted rates by good honest breeders

A kitten should cost the same if registered with T.I.C.A or G.C.C.F this dose not reflect the quality of the kitten or cats for sale as they only registering service,

When choosing a breeder if dose not add up or you not happy walk away.

Note good breeders will ask questions about new homes for long-term welfare of the animals they breed

Most honest good breeders don't not make the buyers pay for gene testing by bumping up the cost of the kittens .

All pedigree registered kittens must be over 13 weeks before sale and vaccinated ,
IT A G.C.C.F RULE THET KITTENS MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED ,BY A VET ,if a breeder sell an un vaccinated kittens they liable to G.C.C.F ban ,

The G.C.C.F holds a public list on line of banned breeders ,it's worth to check out who you are buying from before handing over any deposits

I recommend contacting the Maine coon cat club or Maine coon breed society for a breeders list to find a local breeder to your area

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