For Sale 2 Pedigree Oriental Longhair

Stunning show quality Oriental kittens seeking special homes
1 lilac tabby pointed Balinese girl (pet and show quality) 1 lilac tabby spotted oriental girl (pet home)
Available:2 Female
Breed: Oriental Longhair
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Now
Posted:14th Oct at 12:30
Last Updated:10th Nov at 18:47
Advertiser Details
Offered by: Avalon
Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Loving, confident, people orientated, gentle kittens, raised in the home. GCCF registered, insured, vaccinated, litter trained, some with show potential. Safe outdoor access only please. These kittens will need company, so looking for homes as a pair or joining an existing cat of similar breed. Oriental longhairs are like a Siamese in temperament and are chatty, confident and loving. They don't need brushing and don't carry many allergens.
1 lilac spotted tabby boy show quality (in his new home)
1 blue spotted tabby boy show quality (staying)
1 lilac spotted tabby girl show quality (in her new home)
1 lilac spotted tabby girl (available)
1 lilac tabby pointed Balinese girl show quality (available)
1 blue spotted tabby boy (booked)
1 blue tabby point girl show quality (in her new home)

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