For Sale 10 Pedigree Persian

Beautiful Pedigree Persian kittens for sale
Various colours Chinchilla, Red, Silver Tabby, Tortie Tabby and Rainbow!!
Available:5 Male and 5 Female
Breed: Persian
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:From the 20th June
Posted:5th Jun at 14:59
Advertiser Details
Offered by: regency cats
Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

I have 10 beautiful kittens available (different litters)
1 Chinchilla boy, 2 Red Persian boys, 1 Silver Tabby Persian girl
1 Tortie Tabby Persian girl, 2 Rainbow Persian girls these are a
beautiful rare colour of white silver/blue and cream. I also have
3 Chinidolls (Chinchilla x Ragdoll) 2 boys 1 girl and they are Tabby.
The Persians are 495 and the Chinidolls are 350.
All the kittens will leave with a pedigree, 4 weeks petplan insurance
and flead and wormed. They have been raised indoors with plenty of
human contact so have a very loving temperament. They range in age
of 7-9 weeks so are ready to view and deposits left to secure your kitten
but they won't leave till at least 10 weeks.
Also and very importantly all parents are PKD Negative and can be seen.

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Rainbow girl

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